Where do we begin to transform ourselves?

At Scwuimac! We manage projects in SMEs and we know the answer: to propose a Project program and execute them progressively according to the organization's strategy.

But... In what order do we do it?

We use our own methodology, based on our experience, which allows us to prioritize the projects to carry out the transformation of your organization with sense.

Upon completion, the company will obtain a roadmap to achieve its prioritized objectives through Project Management.

Solutions provided

    • Elaboration of the Project Program based on the needs raised by each company.
    • Definition of the time frame and the strategic objectives to be met by the Program.
    • Analysis of the Portfolio and Prioritization of Projects.
    • Elaboration of the Roadmap with strategic projects.

At Scwuimac! we offer the reliability of Project Management to SMEs with a vision of growth, continuous improvement and transformation and we help them to co-pilot their Digital Transformation Projects.

We integrate into the organization as an internal resource and execute the tasks together with the rest of the team.  


Solutions offered

  • Project Planning: don't know where to start? We help you by making a project.
  • Project financing: don't know how much it will cost or when you will assume the costs? We help you by preparing a cost baseline and looking for private and public financing.  
  • Project Execution: Don't have the resources to carry out your transformation? We integrate with your team and go where it is difficult for you to go alone.
  • Project Tracking: the day to day does not let you see the evolution of your projects? Our experience will allow you to have a vision of where you are at every moment. 

At Scwuimac! we seek both public and private financing for SMEs.  Through experience, we know how to get financing, when to get it and how to manage it, from the beginning to the end of a Project.


And we also know that good Business Plans and Project Plans are key to obtain any Financing, and to manage its justification or reimbursement. For this reason, we take care of putting together the Project to be financed from the beginning. 



And ...if you like the way we work, Scwuimac! stays in Project Planning and Development.

Solutions offered

  • Elaboration of a complete and individualized Business Plan.
  • Elaboration of a Project Plan to promote financing.
  • Search and evaluation of financing possibilities.
  • Application for financing from financial institutions.
  • Request of financing before public organizations.
  • Documentary justification of projects during their execution and once they have been completed.

At Scwuimac! we offer SMEs a professional Project Planning that only large companies have within their reach. We design the Project with a complete baseline, covering budget, cost and scope, as well as the financing baseline.

We use professional tools such as Microsoft Project and offer deliverables and Scorecards to keep track of short, medium and long term and that management has control at all times in their decision making. 


Solutions offered

  • Elaboration of Baseline and Funding Line of a Project.
  • Planning of phases, work packages and tasks.
  • Allocation of human and material resources.
  • Milestones definition.
  • Monitoring and Control of the Project.
  • Monthly deliverables and meetings with Management.
  • Personalized Dashboard.

In this video, we explain this solution in more detail!

Do you need to evolve with your Platforms and don't know how?

At Scwuimac! we offer you Planning and Control in Digital Platforms or ERP Change Projects. We manage the Project so that the IT solution meets the needs of your company, and we coordinate the different Teams to ensure the correct transfer of Processes and Information Flows.

Solutions offered

  • Management and Vision as a link between your company and the developer.
  • Advice to avoid losing information.
  • Organization and Process Improvement.
  • Control and Coordination of the internal team.
  • Control and Coordination of external Stakeholders.

At Scwuimac! we offer the Digitization and Process Optimization of an organization on the iGrafx collaborative platform, a powerful Process Management software. This product is focused for SMEs that have undergone rapid growth and detect inefficiencies in their processes. We will build your Processes, teach you how to use the Platform, how to model, design KPIs, etc.


And ...if you like the way we work, Scwuimac! stays to control and watch over the fulfillment of the implemented Processes.

Solutions offered

  • Creation of a structure with all the objects and resources related to the Processes (people, documents, materials, objectives, strategies...). 
  • Analysis of current Processes and detection of inefficiencies.
  • Modeling of optimized Processes and macro-processes (BPMN diagrams).
  • Relation of Processes with objects and resources.
  • Definition of KPIs to control and measure performance.
  • Training of the organization's team on the use of the platform.

At Scwuimac! we offer SMEs the Digitalization of Processes according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard on the iGrafx collaborative platform. With this Process Management software, in addition to lifting the processes, you will be able to control your Quality Systems. All the information will remain connected and updated to achieve and maintain the Quality Seal. 



And ...if you like the way we work, Scwuimac! stays to monitor and ensure compliance with the implemented Processes and guarantee the continuous improvement of the organization's Quality Management System.


Solutions offered

  • Creation of structure with all the objects and resources related to the Processes (people, documents, materials, objectives, strategies...).
  • Process modeling and Process map according to ISO 9001:2015 standard (BPMN diagrams). 
  • Relationship of Processes with objects and resources.
  • Definition of KPIs to control and measure the performance of the Quality Management System.
  • Training of the organization's human resources on the use of the tool.
  • Possibility of adding all the organization's Certifications.

How to telework without losing control and information?

In Scwuimac! we offer the Preparation and Implementation of Teleworking using Microsoft 365. With a well-designed project we will bring to your SME a Smart Working model of collaborative teleworking. We can achieve maximum productivity and efficiency of people, while maintaining control in the company. 



Solutions offered

  • Telework Readiness Project Planning.
  • Creation of the structure for the Coordination of work teams (communication channels, shared calendar, collaborative tasks...).
  • Creation of the document structure in the cloud for the storage and organization of files.
  • Connection with the different Office365 tools that complement the processes, Forms, Power Automate, etc.
  • Training of the People in the organization for their adaptation and correct use of the tool.

Do you need to analyze information but don't know how?

At Scwuimac! we know that analyzing reports and team reports is laborious and sometimes complicated. That is why we offer SMEs the configuration of Microsoft Power BI Dashboards, with all the daily information, adapted to your needs. Simple, direct and intuitive.  To achieve a complete data analysis that allows quick and effective decision making. 



Solutions offered

  • Configuration of PBI Dashboards
  • Database maintenance training.
  • Connection with other Microsoft365 applications.

At Scwuimac!, we are the only GPM partner in Spain and we believe that Sustainability is a key factor in any Project we want to address. For this reason, we offer training to obtain the Green Project Manager level B (GPM-b) certification, with which any Project Manager will be able to endorse their knowledge on the integration of Sustainability in Project Management.


Solutions offered

  • 21h training PRiSM Practitioner Course.
  • PMP® Certified and GPM® Global accredited teachers.
  • Training focused on the practical application to Sustainable Projects.