Changes must occur in Organizations when they are needed, at the right pace and with whom it is possible. Each Project is Individual and is executed from an Organization. If you try to replicate a similar project in a different company it will go wrong. We know how to do it.

To execute the projects, we need to change the routines of the people who execute.

Do you think that a project can be executed with the same way that day-to-day tasks are carried out? Sure Failure.

But don't forget that a Project is a whole. It must be managed from the moment it is started until it is delivered. When we isolate the management of the execution, one of the two legs falls (won’t end well).

What do you want a successful deliverable for in an organization that does not need it? We introduce the success of the project phases at the right time.

When a company invests in carrying out a project, it is compulsory to start another one. If not, it will be like everything you have learned. Hook a project when another is about to finish.

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