iGrafx and Use Cases: SAP Implementation Methodology!


At SCWUIMAC! we know that only a good process management gives us the necessary weapons to grow. That is why, as we told you in previous posts, we have joined forces with tmdrive with whom we share our confidence in iGrafx, a powerful tool that is perfect for the success of any project.

This time we want to share with you how to ensure a reliable and secure SAP implementation.

With the modeling capabilities of iGrafx for SAP, it is possible to achieve the highest level of business processes. This is confirmed by the protagonist of this article, an important multinational ICT Consulting company, specialized in developing digital business transformation projects, which has adopted iGrafx as a key part of its SAP implementation methodology for ERP systems.






The complexity of information management, processes and risks arising in SAP implementation projects led this consulting firm to search for a modeling and analysis solution. After its search, it bet on iGrafx as a means to apply the best implementation practices, and thus be able to offer ERP services of the highest level covering all the requirements of its customers.

One of its main objectives was to achieve integration with process modeling that would allow corporate departments and IT managers to have the same vision, avoiding the problems that arose repeatedly in each implementation.



what problems existed before betting on iGrafx?


The Consultant faced two main problems that were difficult to manage and limited the agility and fluidity of the implementation, which were:

  • Difficulties in understanding and communication problems in business processes.
  • Multiple information after each round of testing with numerous change requests, bugs and bottlenecks.

As a result, it was inevitable that a high level of change management stress and costs would be generated.





  • Solution for lack of understanding and communication of processes

With iGrafx’s answer to SAP, the company was able to get all key project parties to collaborate on implementations, upgrades and change management through effective communication, gaining a joint understanding of business processes.

This was because iGrafx for SAP acts as a link between both platforms, connecting the technical view of SAP objects, scenarios and elements and the iGrafx modeling solution. Giving corporate departments and IT managers the same view of business and technical processes, resulting in more effective teams and less costly projects.


“The key is that all stakeholders gain a joint understanding of the company’s business processes and the company implements the right functionality to support the desired business processes.” (Delivery Manager)


  • Solution to change requests and bottlenecks

In addition, iGrafx provides valuable frameworks and models that allow gap, risk and impact analysis. So, it allowed business process analysts to understand and improve business processes before implementation. Through a graphical representation of the processes, it is possible to easily understand critical information and quickly solve bottlenecks and other issues before the actual implementation.


This, combined with the input from the beginning of the main stakeholders, the requests for change will be reduced and stress and costs will be minimized.


“With the iGrafx solution for SAP, problems can be avoided very effectively before the actual implementation begins.” (Delivery Manager)




iGrafx for SAP is specifically designed to support enterprise architecture, quality improvement initiatives and to facilitate risk management. Ensuring that ERP solutions perform at the highest levels of efficiency. So that people, processes and technology resources are aligned with corporate strategies.






Anyone interested in modeling organizational structures and processes that include automated SAP processes will find iGrafx for SAP to be the solution. Perfect for:

  • SAP Implementation Teams
  • SAP Consultants
  • SAP Process Owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Process Analysts
  • Quality Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Production Teams
  • Logistics Departments

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