Creative Problem Solving Method

Innovation is born from creativity and yes, creativity can also be trained!


Today we would like to introduce you to the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) method. This way of working was developed by Alex Osborn, the inventor of Brainstorming, and is a resource widely used by companies for problem solving.


It is an organized scheme for using specific critical and creative thinking techniques to achieve novel and useful results. During the process what you are really doing is the following:


To examine “what is”,

to explore “what could be”, 

to judge “what should be”,

to evaluate “what is now likely to be”,

to decide “what I am now going to commit myself to”, to act in a something that becomes a new “what I am now going to commit myself to”.

to act on something that becomes a new “what is”, to act on something that becomes a new “what is”.





The first three stages comprise the preparation, construction or formulation of the problem. This is done by clarifying the perception of the problem, gathering information and reformulating the problem.


When the problem is stated, it is time to start producing ideas that lead to its solution. To arrive at the ideas there are two phases, a first one, divergent, of fluid thinking with a view to generating the greatest number of ideas; and another, convergent, to select the ideas that seem best and are viable.


The most promising ideas must be developed to find the solution to the problem. It is the moment to look for resources and also, disadvantages, to put them into practice.



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