At Scwuimac! we do not stop expanding horizons. We have reached an agreement with the company tmdrive (, a specialist in the implementation and integration of business management software solutions, to become partners and offer/implement/model the industry-leading process management software, Igrafx.

Scwuimac stays!


After the implementation of the software in the client company, Scwuimac! stays, that is our value. When iGrafx is installed and running, we continue to accompany the client in the next step: enter the data of all the agents involved in the company’s processes and establish the relationships that exist between them. These relationships are numerous and must be perfectly defined for the correct functioning of the process. Associated documents, risks, performance indicators, requirements, suppliers, strategies, and roles are just some of the actors involved.


Scwuimac!, with extensive experience in process improvement in companies, can study the current processes of the company and their relationships, detect their weaknesses and propose improvements in them.  In addition to entering data into the iGrafx platform, we will monitor these processes over time, analyzing their performance through simulations and establishing a continuous improvement plan for them.


This partnership will allow Scwuimac! to expand its range of potential customers, targeting larger companies.

In future articles, we will show you the gigantic possibilities of this software for process modeling and analysis.


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