From hooked to Processes, to in love with Projects!

Our Scwuimacker and expert in Project Managment, Process Improvement and Digitalization, Ana Ayuga, tells us her personal experience about how she discovered project management and all that it has brought to her day-to-day life in general.


At that time I had never heard of Continuous Improvement, Toyota Keys or anything similar. It was simply a matter of logic: the tasks we did every day could be done better, with fewer steps and less time spent on other tasks that provided more value. 

And so, without knowing how and with good guides, I entered a loop of measuring, assessing, ordering, changing, improving and starting all over again. I didn’t know it, but I already saw the world divided into Processes. And these are not only useful for manufacturing chains or large organizations, as we are used to seeing. Routines and tasks are the engine of our day, of offices, organizations and the world.

And seen in this light, by mastering the Processes, are we all set?




Later, I discovered that there was more to it than the Processes. When we wanted to go further. The marked rhythm of process after process was practical but also watertight. It made it difficult to move forward.

If you are a restless person who tries to go further, you know what I’m talking about. When everything is set up, when everything is stable and the gears are running smoothly, you start looking for how to take the next step. And that’s when the difficulties began.

Lots of ideas, decisions to make, where do we start, who do we involve, when do we start, when do we finish, how do we do it, what can go wrong, what can go wrong? Moreover, what do we do if it goes wrong? (So much uncertainty for someone who “thinks in Processes”).

And looking for answers, again without realizing it, I ended up researching how to work by Projects.


Fortunately, everything was already invented. Project execution has been consolidated for decades with methodologies and experts that give us guidelines on how to approach each one. And from there, it is the experience and personality of each Manager that sets the path of how to achieve what has not been done before. The new. The unpredictable. How to adapt to change so that the gear rolls again until the end.

And with that, the circle was closed.

Processes give us the stability that sustains us, the security that gives us the strength to continue and the vision of what we can change. But from there, in these times that force us to run, to adapt, to offer more, we need to incorporate the Projects in our day to day. Add new objectives, courage, uncertainty and above all order to grow today and continue growing tomorrow.

We need a Plan.

So, I fell in love with the possibilities of Project Management. Order, planning, foresight, adapting along the way, being in control as we move forward. Thinking, sharing and executing as a team. I found the missing piece to keep control while moving forward. 

This has been my path and my growth. In your case, thank you if you have accompanied us this far! And if you feel identified with anything of what I tell you, do not hesitate, add a Project in your life and live intensely!”

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