Our vision of R+D+i

R+D+i is an area of continuous improvement of the company or a public, private or mixed department aimed at the development of new products, services or processes, or the improvement of existing ones through scientific research or development.

Why is it so important? It is important for several reasons.

  • Not to be left behind. If you don’t do anything and you think you can continue to live on what you have lived, there will come a time when everyone else will overtake you and you will stay where you were 20 years ago.
  • To create a brand. The development of new products will charge your brand with a series of positive values, close to innovation, adaptation to customer needs, continuous improvement and active listening, which will result in the entire catalog and not only in those products born from R+D+i.
  • To break into new markets. If you want to innovate in terms of markets, i.e. export or open new national markets, in many cases you have to offer products that are appropriate to the requirements of those markets; you cannot go everywhere with the same product. There are big cultural differences, as well as differences in formats. For this reason, R+D+I often aims not only to innovate in terms of product but also in terms of markets.
  • The same ocurrs for new channels. If you want to break into mass distribution or modern distribution you are going to have to be able to offer innovations in your product to meet customer needs, which by the way are dynamic, so it is a process that you are going to be required to do on an ongoing basis. The market approach entails an innovation approach.
  • Internal knowledge. Undoubtedly, innovation makes the entire organization learn, adapt to the market, adapt to the culture of improvement and generate new areas of knowledge.
  • To sell. Indeed, we do all this to increase sales, to sell more, to be more profitable.

In this sense, SCWUIMAC coordinates the entire project: it helps you to evaluate the idea, helps you to form a team and to look for grants and subsidies to which you can have access. We also look for the technology center that will lead the technical part of the project to seek funding and successive phases.


It is not a good idea to internalize R+D+i from the beginning. It is better to rely on us so that it can be internalized later, when you have all the variables and resources under control.

It is not a good idea to do this from the beginning for two reasons:

First of all because of a lack of knowledge; many companies show a lack of resources between management and the production chain. Middle management is needed for these projects, and there are none. The manager does not have the time and the people in the chain do not have the training.

Secondly, because the day-to-day “eats you up” and you need someone who is totally out of the day-to-day.

At SCWUIMAC we have a multidisciplinary team. We are the best option. After all, we have experience, because we stay and accompany you in the implementation and because we can take advantage of the know-how and expertise of your company for other projects in which you need support … and because we know all the aids and we know what can fit you. Shall we talk?


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