Without flags

Today, at Scwuimac! we woke up with an ashen heart.

The Northwest burns and some still dare to look to the Northeast… without understanding that they will never be able to see a Catalonia, independent or not, if they are burned to death first.

The main rule of Project Management is that priority must be given to the fundamentals. We want a good forestry policy that is disinterested, anonymous and fair, just as fair as the land belongs to no one. If we do not act on the fundamentals and do not focus on what is important, we will see the distant desertification with our own eyes.

We are thrilled to see the solidarity of the neighbors with their land. As we can see in Lucía Be’s illustration, on Monday night, a neighbor with the lead voice had to improvisedly put on the suit of Project Director, organize the available resources and manage to build a real T E A M to extinguish the problem. All our admiration to all of them. We could not have done any better.

One of the problems of the magnitude of this disaster, still caused by terrorists, is the severe drought affecting Spain, directly related to climate change, another priority that those who pull the strings must take into account. We want to leave you with some words of Javier Ruiz Taboada, ‘El tiempo al tiempo’ that perfectly defines the seasonal madness we are living this October, less gray than ever:

‘Weather is that which passes with us.

Weather is that thing that passes us by.

Proof of this is that this autumn is passing us by, and wide.

It is being a season without trains, underground, empty?

Not even Penelope has wanted to sit on her bench on the side of the road.

No precipitations, except those that politics offers us.

But everything points to the fact that things are going to start to change:

Rains are announced from Tuesday, at good times, although they are welcome.

The good tongues also say that the cold has come out of accounts, and is about to break snow.

We will witness the birth of the northerlies and that of the heaters, which will cease to be on strike from the sky and will begin to contribute to the cause of pollution.

It seems that, in the end, the rag Santa Claus that climbs on the balconies every Christmas, will not come neither brown, nor in triquini. Nor will it be necessary to open the swimming pools.

But do not trust, meteorology is an exhaustive science and, at any time, can give an upset.

 And this is as far as I can foresee.’

I wish the fires were made of snow….

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