Scwuimac! and Agroalimentary Companies

Although any need of the modern company is susceptible to be managed by projects and, therefore, almost any casuistry will lead us to more or less established steps – initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closure – in the case of agri-food companies is perhaps where SCWUIMAC can deploy the full potential that project management can bring.


It is not just that we have a lot of experience in this sector; in fact, what makes it an optimal sector to deploy project management is its characteristics:


· Previous studies: The first thing we are going to do is to analyze your company, its current situation and its evolution. We are going to study your business model, your activity from a global point of view, your daily activity from all points of view: financial, administrative organization, business, HR, commercial, marketing…


The next step will be an external analysis, i.e. your sector, your market, the legal and economic environment that affects you, suppliers, competition, your geographical location, possible aid or financing from the competent public administrations, etc.

From there we will have clear your strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats that exist, so that we will know what is the business strategy that you can follow in the coming years.


Up to this point it is extremely logical. But from here on, others leave. We don’t.

  • Innovation: If that strategy involves R&D&I, we will stay to design and implement it. SCWUIMAC coordinates the entire project: it helps you to evaluate the idea, helps you to form a team and to look for grants and subsidies to which you can have access. We also look for the technology center that will lead the technical part of the project to seek funding and successive phases.
  • Industrial Organization: If, on the other hand, you need to change your processes or industrial organization or even design it from scratch, we will stay with you, by your side, to implement it. Because these types of projects are also our specialty.
  • Lean: The same occurs if it is a LEAN project. Our way of doing LEAN works and we have proven it. Precisely for this reason, the LEAN projects led by SCWUIMAC are successful; because we lead the implementation from its conception, from the analysis and design of alternatives, from the initial diagnosis and because -unlike other options- we stay in the implementation. We do not leave. We do not leave you alone.
  • Whether it’s getting your financial department in order, renegotiating for you or adapting your financial structures, ditto. We are leaders in this.
  • Search and implementation of ERPs: We know the possible solutions available in the market. There is no single solution, it depends on several factors, sector, type of company, size, organizational model… In short, each project is different and therefore the decision has to be different. Count on SCWUIMAC! in the choice and also in the implementation! Do we have our team ready for the implementation? Will we understand well with the software company? When is the most appropriate time for the change? As you can see there are many questions. SCWUIMAC! will always be with you in the execution of the project.
  • Logistic: It is basically a matter of analyzing how the different processes and procedures are established in each company, starting with procurement, from the time the purchase is planned until it is received. Subsequently, we will analyze the storage phase and finally the dispatch phase: what planning there is, what are the times, how the fleet is managed, what indicators we measure ….. Etc. Finally, we look at the workflows to understand what the company does, how it does it, with what tools and under what principles it is governed. Once we have analyzed these processes and are clear about them, we start the second phase, which consists of comparing these processes with those of other similar companies to find solutions that allow the company to reduce costs, minimize losses and be more efficient in meeting customer needs.

We are specialists in agri-food companies and our team has a strong expertise in them. That’s why we can help you better than others. Shall we see it together?