Software Implementation, by Scwuimac!



The implementation of software or ERPs is scary because it implies changes. Whoever says otherwise is lying, because although they are sometimes annoying, those changes are precisely what we are looking for: to make corrections and improvements that result in an optimization of processes and, as a consequence, of profitability.


This fear that we are talking about is usually materialized in three concepts: fear of losing information, fear of losing control and fear of losing time. And at Scwuimac! we know it, that’s why we have a way of doing things that aims to mitigate these fears.


As for time: an ERP change takes time and CFOs don’t have it. That is why we are here: to accompany them throughout the process in order to save time. How? For example, we have a direct relationship with software companies, we save the company time. We are used to working with them and we see them as partners because they know the product, and have trained human resources, but many times it is difficult for them to understand the processes of the companies in which they are going to implement, because they are not inside. That is why Scwuimac is in the middle! We know what the company needs, we know the client and we know how to implement it. By saving that time for the CFO, we facilitate the change.


We also save time in the previous process, in the choice of the ERP. Scwuimac! can help because knowing the company we know its needs, and depending on them we can help to choose which is the right provider in terms of solution and price. If it fits and if the cost is worth it, we say so. Many people make the mistake of getting into ERPs that they are not going to take full advantage of, so they are throwing money away out of ignorance. Companies need someone to tell them what they need and what the affordable cost is.


And above all, that it is not traumatic. Here we link with the fear of the loss of control, since from the moment the ERP is implemented until it starts to be used, the software company is not there, it leaves as soon as they leave it running and during that time the reality is that it is difficult to start it up, to put the ideas to work and to take advantage of it. The software companies have left but there is still a lot left behind, you have to take full advantage of it through reports, you have to keep control.


And as for the fear of losing information: we know the client very well, we know the information flows, the KPIs, the relevant information, where it is and how it is elaborated and distributed. That is why we mitigate this fear, with us it is much more difficult to lose information because we know the environment in which the software is going to be implemented and we design the process well together with the software company. They do not know it on their own and the company often does not have the time to start from scratch to tell them about it.


Therefore, the first thing is a process that we are going to use to know you very well, to have meetings, to observe, to be inside, to ask, to think, to discriminate what information is basic and what information is not, what data is used, how it is structured, how the controls are, etc.  We analyze everything. We structure it and with all that info, we start the ERP selection together with the client.


We save time, ensure no loss of information and help you maintain control at all times. That’s our process and that’s our style.


Isn’t the project management philosophy fantastic?