The Scwuimac method!

Whether your company is still a project, or if you’ve been around for a while but you’re stagnating…

Whether you have just entered the market, or you have been in business for many years but your growth is slow…


SCWUIMAC knows how to help you.


And we know because we don’t improvise, because we have a method. An experienced method, put into practice on many occasions, proven in all sectors and that works. Experiments, with soda. Never with your company.

  • The first thing we are going to do is to analyze your company, its current situation and its evolution -if any- in the last years. We are going to study your business model, your activity from a global point of view, your daily activity from all points of view: financial, administrative organization, business, HR, commercial, marketing…
  • The next step will be an external analysis, i.e. your industry, your market, the legal and economic environment that affects you, your suppliers, your competitors, your geographical location, possible aid or financing from the competent public administrations, etc.

From there we will have clear your strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats that exist, so that we will know what is the business strategy that you can follow in the coming years.

Up to this point it is extremely logical. But from here on, others leave. We don’t.

If, on the one hand, that strategy involves R&D&I, we are going to stay and design and implement it. Because we are experts in managing this type of project.


If, on the other hand, it is about changing your processes or industrial organization or even designing it from scratch, we will stay with you, by your side, to implement it. Because these types of projects are also our specialty.


If it is a question of putting your financial department in order, renegotiating for you or adapting your financial structures, ditto. We are leaders in this.


We stay. And since we’re here, we’ll bring fresh air, a fresh point of view on everything your company does on a daily basis. Many times we are not aware of all the areas for improvement until we are told about them, because day-to-day life eats at us and inefficient attitudes and processes are repeated, even if they are absurd, so that everyone tends to believe that what they do is fine. But it turns out that there is always room for improvement.


In any case, we are going to include project management in your organization chart, in your structure. We are going to infiltrate your organization to make it a success, we are going to apply best practices and we are going to bring a specialized and experienced vision in different sectors.


And the most important thing: we are going to do it with the SCWUIMAC team, a team deliberately designed to mix very experienced professionals and especially talented young people. We are looking for that union between experience and projection that no one else can offer you. And we are going to implement it whatever the sector because our intervention is transversal.


This is what we do and this is who we are. We firmly believe in it and our clients are the best proof that it works. Whenever you want, we will tell you about it in person.


We are looking forward to do it!

Photo: Garret Sears


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