LEAN Management, by Scwuimac!

LEAN Management is trendy.


Every day more and more companies want to take the step and adopt the LEAN philosophy for their organizations. It is true that LEAN is a management model that has a particularly good name in the industrial sector, and this is undoubtedly due to the fact that large companies in the primary sector have traditionally been great pioneers in LEAN.


On the other hand, we believe that it is generally not well known. If many of the companies that talk about incorporating LEAN really knew what it is, perhaps they would not take the step, because LEAN is not a fad, it is not something anecdotal or an accessory. LEAN is either done or it is not done, and if it is done, it has drastic consequences. This is serious.


The basic principle of LEAN is to eliminate everything that does not add value to the final product, therefore, it is linked to waste, to get rid of all those expenses for which the customer will not pay (at the product level).


The benefits of this are obvious, since you are going to reduce your cost structure -and as a consequence you are going to increase your profit-, but this cannot be done in any way. It is not a question of making savings for the sake of it, nor of being especially austere or “stingy”. It is about studying the whole company, from the bottom to the top, studying all the jobs, all the processes, all the times, the physical space needed… until we find all those events and aspects that do not contribute anything and that instead generate costs and reduce our profitability.


That is why we say that it is something very intense and radical; because to eliminate the accessory, the whole company must be involved, because it is not done from the top down, but from the bottom up.


Basically, it is about implementing the KAIZEN philosophy of continuous improvement in the company, and that means involving the entire organization.

All companies that feel they have inefficiencies in resources can and should implement LEAN. However, it is true that it is not something that companies can do internally; to do LEAN it is necessary to have assumed and internalized the LEAN philosophy. It is not only a matter of knowing the principles, but also of believing in them and doing a lot of pedagogy in the organization, and that is something that can only be done by those who have the experience and training.


We are not going to discover anything new; our way of doing LEAN works and we have proven it. However, it is important to make it clear that this is not a passing thing or something temporary. Precisely for this reason, LEAN projects led by SCWUIMAC are successful; because we lead the implementation from their conception, from the analysis and design of alternatives, from the initial diagnosis and because -unlike other options- we stay in the implementation. We do not leave. We do not leave you alone. That happens because from our project management vocation, LEAN is much better focused.


There are other LEAN specialists, it is true, but the rest leave. We know that if we leave, no client is able to maintain it without help, so it would be unprofessional to design a plan whose execution is not going to be excellent. It’s not our style. Our projects work because we stay, because we are by your side during the whole process and because we enter at the management level, that is, next to all the tools that can ensure that this is going to be carried out.


In addition, another advantage arises. As we stay to implement the projects, the initial cost of a LEAN project with SCWUIMAC is lower. Our benefit is not in designing it and leaving; our benefit comes from the success of a project that works in the long term. It’s a serious, long-term relationship, not a short, one-off venture.


In LEAN, as in life, things well done usually end better. Do you want us to prove it to you?