The question is clear: Why is it so hard for us? It is a rather complex question, but we will delve deeper into the answer and analyze possible solutions to these problems.


First of all, a change of ERP entails doing things differently, working differently, a change in processes, establishing new information flows, analyzing new data and processing existing data differently. This is clear to all of us, but what are the obstacles when making the decision? We will try to summarize it in 4 fundamental points.

  • Fear of change. It is precisely about getting out of the comfort zone and being aware that change in the way of working is always positive. We gain in flexibility and adaptability, something increasingly important in companies. Scwuimac! helps you to get out of the comfort zone and accompanies you on the way. Scwuimac! te ayuda a salir de la zona de confort y te acompaña en el camino.
  • Why do we consider it a cost? It is not a cost; it is an investment. If ERP change is perceived as a cost it is usually due to both bad experiences and the difficulties we encounter when making a change. Scwuimac! helps you look to the future.
  • Lack of knowledge of the possible solutions available in the market. There is no single solution, it depends on several factors, sector, type of company, size, organizational model… In short, each project is different and therefore the decision has to be different. Count on Scwuimac! in the choice!
  • Time required for implementation. The implementation time is directly proportional to whether the solution is more or less standardized. Why do we always look for a solution that is too individualized? Do we have our team ready for the implementation? Will we get along well with the software company? When is the best time to change? As you can see there are many questions. Scwuimac! will always be with you in the execution of the project.


In conclusion: all the perceived difficulties are usually due to lack of knowledge or lack of experience in the implementation. If you don’t do it alone and you count on us, these difficulties will not exist and you will only enjoy the positive points, and save in the process!

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