The phases of a Project: Execution


In this third phase is where we can really say “At SCWUIMAC! we are project managers“. When others leave, we remain to do what sets us apart from the rest, the execution.


All the previous work has to be reflected here. We have already exercised the mind, so now it is the turn of the body. Each process to be developed will be assigned, one by one, to the members of a team that the project manager has carefully chosen. Everything has to be perfectly clear and we have to have all the necessary information so that there are no doubts now. We have to demonstrate to our stakeholders that they have done well by betting on our project – and by “our” I mean the one we are working for, because remember that once we get involved in a project, we become one.


It is necessary to coordinate people and resources, because the development of these processes will consume a large part of the project budget. The cost line must always be below the financing line. And not having this maxim always present, is what makes the work become bad.


Since people understand each other by talking, communication has to be fluid between everyone. This is very important. We want every step we take to be in accordance with the decisions that have been previously taken. You can’t get to C if you haven’t gone through B first. We will maintain permanent contact to receive our own feedback. No one should be left in the dark about how things are developing that affect them in the present, or perhaps in the future.


And also this perfect communication will help us, in case it is necessary to face any unforeseen event -either in process execution or in cost overrun-, to make quick decisions to solve any problem that may occur, in the most efficient way.


Of course, if changes have to be made to the plan, they must be justified and approved by the key people and the sponsor. And how will we justify these changes? Well, although it may seem obvious, by providing all the necessary documentation. This is essential.


This documentation will help us to set the new guidelines to be followed, and at the same time it will also serve as a reference point for the work, once executed, in the monitoring tasks that await us in the next phase.

Photo: Farzad Nazifi

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