Projects for Success

A photo by SpaceX.

Let’s face it: entrepreneurs are a different species. It is not that they have something in their blood that allows them not to get sick, as El Mundo Today says, nor that they are immortal, as Bankia brilliantly points out.

They simply have something that others don’t: a dream. That dream moves them, it is like a target at the end of the road that also gives you directions on how to get there. The power of that dream allows them to be awake, motivated and to see opportunities where others see problems, to see business out of nothing, to program improvements, to detect gaps, to anticipate unmet needs. It is that mentality that makes them imagine the future before the rest, foresee trends, have that sense of smell and above all an incredible desire to improve, to grow and to implement the ideas and opportunities they detect.

This is good, it is very good, but many times these ideas pile up on post-its, in the agenda, in evernote, in the cell phone, in the notebook of new projects and in Word and Excel files that are always there, unfinished, without progress. It is logical, it is normal and it has a solution.

This solution is SCWUIMAC.

We will analyze the project with you. We will orient it within the general strategy of the company, we will think together the project from the beginning, we will help you -if necessary- to look for financing, to look for and manage grants, to put the focus on that project, to make a plan and -above all- we will help you to start it up and to take it to success. To your success.

We have the experience, the capacity and above all, we have a purpose: to support these heroes so that this target gets closer and closer. It is our mission and we will prove it to you.

Foto: SpaceX