The phases of a Project: Initiation


Every project, from the most complex to the simplest, has a series of phases. It does not depend on the size of the company or the budget, as some people think. That doesn’t matter, every project, by its very nature, has certain phases and it is important to be aware of this because there are no exceptions. They are:


  1. Project Initiation
  2. Project Planning
  3. Project Execution
  4. Project Monitoring
  5. Project Closure


At Scwuimac! we can be in all phases and we love to be in all phases, because they are all important. Of course, each one requires a specific set of skills.


Today we want to focus on the first phase, the initiation phase. This phase requires a special skill that not all Project Managers have and that is to be able to identify what efforts should be made for projects and what efforts should not be made. Not everything goes, and Project Management is not a catch-all. You have to put brains to brawn.


Precisely for this reason, this phase should not be done by any person whose business card says “Project Manager”, but by a real “Project Manager”, with proven experience and validated skills. In this sense, at Scwuimac! we are a team of IPMA C certified Project Managers, certification that validates to exercise the occupation as a professional, that is to say that the person has not only demonstrated the technical knowledge, but also the experience in the development of projects in a professional way. Not only theory but practice. Not only words, but deeds. The authority comes from “author”, so only the one who has already done what you want to do has authority over it. Our project team is highly professional and experienced and that is the basis of your choice.



All projects have a beginning, this initiation phase. On its success depends partly the success of the following phases, because without a serious and professional initiation, problems will appear in the Planning Phase and, therefore, in the Execution. The foundations are fundamental, as almost always in life. Therefore, if you have a new Project, call us, tell us and we will explain why we are the best option, why we are different and how we will approach that project. And above all, we will go step by step, without skipping screens.



It is your Project that is at stake.


Photo: Christian Joudrey